How to Get to Overbury Farm Resort

Our guests want to know where we are located in relationship to the Ferry Dock, the seaplane terminal and Overbury Farm Resort. Guests are delighted to learn they we are very close to all three locations.  Below is a through breakdown, including a map and some recommendations. You can skim through the highlighted content and look at the map if you are in a rush or you can fully read through all the quips and tips.


Illustrated Map of Thetis Island

Illustrated Map of Thetis Island

We are located approximately half a mile south of the BC Ferry dock and half a mile west of Thetis Island Marina where the seaplane from Vancouver lands. Looking at the map above, our property is Lot 15 on Foster Point Road, there is a number sign at the top of the drieway as well as a sign that reads The Rush Inn.

While most of you will bring your own vehicle, it is very enjoyable to ditch the car and walk to and from Overbury to take part in the various wedding activities. To walk to Overbury during the day is relaxing, scenic and good exercise. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes, the first stretch is along Foster Point Road back to the Ferry dock, then along the beach or paved seawall, through the Community Cemetery, up a country lane and through a short trail to Overbury – this diverse walking experience is a highly recommended Thetis Island activity.  In comparison, to walk entirely on the roadway to Overbury takes 45 minutes.

It is fine to use the scenic walking route during the day, but for the wedding itself, most guests prefer to drive because they are in their fancy clothes.  We do not recommend that anyone walk home at night from the wedding either by the trail or by the road, it will be unfamiliar and very dark – there are no street lights!


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